In the upcoming weeks, Samsung's distinctive Odyssey Ark gaming monitor may finally go on sale

The 55-inch curved monitor is reportedly scheduled to go on sale in August

The Odyssey Ark's release has been eagerly anticipated since it was first revealed and showcased at CES in January

HDR support, brightness, and port configurations are just a few of the specifications that are currently unknown.

The monitor's 16:9 4K OLED display, which was shown off in a vertical orientation but also supports pivot, tilt, and rotation modes

Depending on the user's preference, the aspect ratio can also be set to be either ultra wide 21:9 or ultra wide 49:9.

The monitor will allegedly have a 1000R curve radius, a UHD resolution, an active refresh rate of 165Hz, a 1 millisecond response time, six surround sound speakers with Dolby Atmos support

The specifications could change before the Odyssey Ark is released, the publication added.

The enormous monitor also uses a QD-OLED panel rather than a conventional OLED panel

Samsung's QD-OLED panels have been used in other monitors, like the Alienware 34, which helps keep the cost of the accessory down

 Curved monitor is the Odyssey Neo G9, which costs $1,800. The 32-inch Odyssey Neo G8, which costs $1,500 and is even smaller, was also displayed at CES.


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