‘Skate’ shares “pre-pre-alpha” footage and invites fans to test the game

The extremely early footage of the next instalment in the Skate series did not include a release date, but EA has began to reveal playtesting information for the game.

EA claims that the closed tests are being conducted to "get this right" - you can join up for the eventual playtests here.

According to a FAQ page, involving players so early in the production process helps "ensure we're producing the finest possible game"

And can result in "important decisions and modifications" prior to the game's release.

EA has confirmed, however, that only PC users will be able to playtest the game.

In other skating video game news, industry icon Tony Hawk recently disclosed that Activision cancelled a remaster of 

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3+4 after developer Vicarious Visions merged with the company.

"I wish I could say we have something in the works," Hawk said, "but as you may know, Vicarious Visions disbanded and Activision is combing through all their assets.

I have no idea what's next."When asked if a sequel to the 2020 remaster was in the works, Hawk responded, "

That was the plan, up until the release date of [1+2] we were going to do 3+4, but then Vicarious [Visions] was acquired and they started looking for other developers, so it was scrapped."

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