BURNING UP Solar eruption expected to hit Earth TODAY sparking power grid disrupting geomagnetic storm

A coronal mass ejection, or CME, is another name for this event.

It is a huge release of plasma from the Sun's outer layer, which is called the corona.

Scientists in space don't know for sure if the CME will hit Earth, but they think it might on either June 28 or June 29.

Experts at SpaceWeather.com said, "There is a chance of minor geomagnetic storms on June 28th and 29th, when CMEs could hit Earth's magnetic field from the side or even directly."

"This is not a very sure prediction. In recent days, especially on June 26, the sun has sent out a confusing mix of CMEs that overlapped, making it hard to figure out where they are going."

No one knows how strong the possible solar storm will be, but it is thought to be low and, therefore, not a threat to humanity.

But even solar storms that aren't very strong can cause small changes in the power grid and have a small effect on our technology.

They can also affect how satellites talk to each other.

Strong solar flares have also been known to shut down radio stations and power grids for hours at a time.

Animals that use the Earth's magnetic field to find their way can also get lost during solar storms.

Quebec lost power for nine hours in 1989 due to an electrically charged solar outburst.

They can be deadly for astronauts if they cause harm or interfere with mission control communications.


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