Sonic Origins (Switch) Review

Sonic returns to his roots, but there are some things that cannot be undone.

For his 31st birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog received a throwback collection that is as stiff and hollow as I anticipate becoming on my own 31st birthday.

Sonic Origins presents itself as a celebration of Sonic's past, and while I welcome the opportunity to revisit some vintage titles

That I believe hold up a lot better than they're given credit for, I can't help but be frustrated by how they're packaged. 

Sonic Origins is a difficult method to enjoy fantastic games due to its lack of functionality and weird absence of simple options.

Before I discuss the package itself, I'll discuss the individual games contained.

Despite the fact that Classic Sonic has a higher reputation than his Modern 3D cousin, many players still find 2D games tough to operate. 

Sonic's speed is difficult to control and does not lend itself readily to platforming, and even gaining that speed in the first place can be difficult.

In spite of the fact that many people view this as a flaw, this is precisely why I adore the old games:

They are one of the few examples of a platformer where momentum genuinely matters. 

You cannot make quick and simple adjustments to your trajectory, so you must select when to slow down and when to move forward at full speed.

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