Sony INZONE Reveals Two Gaming Monitors for the PS5, Also Available for PC Use

Sony showed off its two new gaming monitors, which give the PlayStation 5 a new screen and give gamers a new device to use for all their gaming needs.

It's a monitor, and people can connect their consoles to it and expect everything to work smoothly. It can also be used on a PC, with a setup that puts it in the middle of the devices.

Sony INZONE Gaming Monitors, Specific for the PS5 Console

Sony announced two new gaming monitors under the "INZONE" brand. One is a tabletop display for the PS5 console. Sony spent months developing the INZONE M3 and M9 PC gaming monitors for PS5 users.

Sony promised the globe gaming hardware to accompany its next console, which has error-free access and connections. It contains PlayStation 5 settings and works on gaming consoles.

Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series S and X don't make gaming monitors like Sony's PS5.

The M9 costs $899.99 and can be purchased on Sony's website. It's a PC gaming device that offers numerous display experiences.

27-inch 4K HDR 144Hz display for gaming.

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