Sony targets PC gamers with new hardware brand, Inzone

Sony's president of home entertainment, Kazuo Kii, said that the brand will use Sony's high-quality screen and sound technologies.

Sony Electronics is putting out a new line of PC gaming gear called Inzone.

Tuesday, the company showed off its new brand, which includes two 27-inch monitors and three different kinds of gaming headphones.

Since 2019, before the pandemic, Sony executives had been watching the growth of the video game and esports industries.

Kazuo Kii, president of Sony's home entertainment and sound products, told The Washington Post, 

"We're getting into the gaming gear business with monitors and headsets at an exciting time, since gaming and esports have become more popular over the past few years

We are using Sony's high-quality display and sound technologies to make products that will let gamers get lost in their games."

Kii said that the name of the brand is meant to be a reference to how gamers feel when they are "in the zone."

Sony is late to the PC gaming market, but they plan to win players over with products that are priced competitively.

This summer, Sony will sell a 4K monitor for $899 with a 144-hertz refresh rate. Later this year, they will sell a 1080p monitor for $529 with a 240-hertz refresh rate.

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