Star burns brighter even after supernova explosion

Some of the largest explosions in the universe have been supernovae

These super giant explosions signify the star's demise. Only a very small portion of stars in the universe leave us in such a grand manner.

Almost nothing of the "star stuff" is left behind after a supernova. Therefore, it makes sense that the star will become less bright after a supernova.

 After a supernova is perplexing scientists SN 2012Z has been assigned to this supernova

The Astrophysical Journal has published the findings these results were also presented at the American Astronomical Society's 240th meeting.

Researchers now have new insights into the universe's explosive origins thanks to the star's perplexing fate.

The thermonuclear supernova is the supernova that caused the dead star to shine brightly.

These kinds of supernovas are a crucial tool for determining the size of the universe

Supernovas have been studied since 1998. These subsequent observations have shown that the universe is expanding faster than previously thought

Dark Energy has been blamed for this expansion. It is still unclear what the Dark Energy actually is


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