SpaceX says 5G expansion would make Starlink 'unusable' for most Americans

SpaceX, Dish Network, and other 5G providers are in a heated fight over radio frequencies, 

Which SpaceX says it needs for its Starlink internet service in space and Dish says it needs for its own customers.

SpaceX says that if the government lets 5G wireless networks use a certain band of spectrum, it could affect many of its Starlink internet customers.

Spectrum is a range of radio frequencies, and the government keeps a close eye on which companies are allowed to use which frequencies so that signals don't get mixed up.

SpaceX said it was going after Dish Network, which is best known as a satellite TV company but also has a cellular network.

SpaceX says that Dish tried to "mislead" the Federal Communications Commission,

Which decides how telecom companies can use their spectrum, by putting forward a "faulty analysis" to show that letting Dish grow its 5G network wouldn't affect Starlink users.

When asked for a comment, Dish said that its "expert engineers are evaluating SpaceX's claims in the filing."

The 12 GHz band is a slice of radio frequencies that are mostly used by Starlink and OneWeb, which is a satellite internet service that competes with Starlink.

David Goldstein, the senior director of satellite policy at SpaceX, wrote an angry letter to the FCC saying that "no reasonable engineer"

Could believe the studies that Dish and its allies put forward. He also wants the FCC to find out if Dish Network and RS Access, another wireless provider, misleading."

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