The Surface Go 4 may be available with an Arm processor

The next edition of Microsoft’s cheap tablet – the alleged Surface Go 4 – may be offered with an Arm CPU when it eventually releases.

According to Windows Central‘s Zac Bowden, Microsoft is considering utilising an Arm-based processor in the next edition of the Surface Go, while the concept is still under investigation.

Since Microsoft debuted Windows on Arm, and then the Surface Go, bringing the two together has been a regular desire from enthusiasts.

Platforms like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c are quite popular among budget devices, and as we’ve seen with laptops like 

The Samsung Galaxy Book Go, they can give great value in the budget market. However, Microsoft still has yet to take that step.

Microsoft appears to be taking Arm devices seriously in 2022, revealing a full native development toolchain, including a native version of Visual Studio,

And Project Volterra at this year's Build conference. This development box is powered by an unidentified Arm chip,

And its purpose is to develop and test software for Arm devices. It would appear to be the ideal time for Microsoft to make the switch.

It is unlikely that Arm would be completely replaced, however. According to Bowden, a higher-end Intel edition may yet be available,

Aimed specifically at business users who rely heavily on Intel processors. For consumers, especially at the entry level, an Arm chip appears to be a possibility.

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