Tesla Allegedly Breaks Elon Musk's Order as Newly Hired Employees Appear on LinkedIn

Tesla apparently violated Elon Musk's directive to cease hiring. As of this writing, the huge EV manufacturer continues to get criticism for its continuous massive layoffs.

Prior to the billionaire's choice, his vehicle company welcomed over one hundred thousand national applications in 2021.

This is the reason why experts believe Tesla will lay off thousands of employees by the end of 2022.

Musk instructed his Tesla executives to cease hiring new employees since the U.S. economy is "terrible."

To preserve income, he said that more than 10 percent of Tesla's staff will be let go. But it appears that the most recent Tesla scenario is significantly different from what Elon predicts.

Does Tesla Employ New Workers?Business Insider asserts that they discovered LinkedIn users who had recently started working at Tesla in 2022.

Fire alarm technicians, material handlers, and product specialists are reportedly joining Tesla.

While others are upset over Telsa's layoffs, these new hires appear happy.
LinkedIn user S. Dogukan UZ announced his new role as Quality Engineer.

He works at Tesla Gigafactory Berlin.
Tesla already cut 200 Autopilot staff. EV maker also closed a California office.

Since the layoffs aren't based on performance, many Tesla employees are disappointed.
Even if they're doing well, Tesla can fire them.

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