This Cybertruck Inspired Bike, Called Tesla Model M, Looks Awesome

The Tesla Cybertruck is already one of the most exciting upcoming luxury electric cars, but what if it had only two wheels?

One of the most talked-about cars to come out in the last ten years is the Tesla Cybertruck. And rightly so, since it doesn't look like most new cars.

Also, it's a pick-up truck that doesn't look like any other pick-up truck you can buy, and when it was first shown off, it was said to have performance like a sportscar.

The Tesla Cybertruck is a new way of thinking about both pick-up trucks and cars in general.

 Now, this way of thinking has been brought to motorcycles with the Tesla Model M, which was inspired by the Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck-Inspired Model M Looks Straight Out Of Tron

Remember the movies about Tron? They are known for pushing the limits of filmmaking by using the newest technology.

They are also known for the motorcycles they use in their movies. The wheels were one of the most interesting parts of the bike's design.

 And the motorcycle that designer Victor Rodriguez Gomez had in mind combines the look of the Tesla Cybertruck with that style.


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