The battle between MediaTek and Qualcomm is hotting up

In order to compete on an equal footing at the top end of the smartphone market, MediaTek has announced an addition to its line of high-end 5G chipsets.

With eight CPU cores built on Arm's v9 architecture and an Arm Mali-G710 GPU, the new Dimensity 9000+ SoC sits at the top of MediaTek's lineup.

The chipset features an integrated APU for accelerating AI, an 8MB L3 cache, a 6MB system cache, a high-performance modem, support for Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.3.

These features are identical to those of the previous model.Although the specs are largely identical to the base Dimensity 9000, 

the new SoC is said to offer a material performance boost across graphical and traditional workloads, thanks to the ability to run cores at higher clock speeds.

Qualcomm's crown is a target for MediaTekIn the past, MediaTek has focused on the less glamorous segments of the mobile chipset market,

placing its products inside low-cost and mid-range phones made for users for whom performance isn't always a top priority.

Launching the Dimensity 9000 in December of last year marked a change in strategy 

that will see MediaTek make its first foray into flashship mobile devices, a market that has historically been dominated by Qualcomm.


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