The best MW MP5 loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone is like most other seasons in that the submachine gun class has a lot of players.

It has a lot of different weapons that can be used, from the powerful Marco-5 and MP40 to the useful Type 100 and Mac-10. 

But when players choose non-meta loadouts, they might forget that the SMG class has some weapons that aren't as common. 

One of these weapons that new players might overlook is the Modern Warfare (MW) MP5.

The MW MP5 is the original king of the SMG category. It ruled the first seasons of Warzone because it could do a lot of damage, control its recoil, and move around easily.

Eventually, though, other weapons came along and replaced the MP5 at the top of the meta. 

Still, the developers have never made the MW MP5 so weak that it can't be used at all. 

The MW MP5's primary selling feature, compared to other SMGs, is its mobility; the gun has a rapid loadout due to its mobility.

MIS Barrel
Five-milliwatt laser
Collapsible FTAC
Foregrip: Merc
45-round magazines

This loadout is effective. The loadout performs well against Warzone's meta SMGs and is ideal for smaller maps.

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