The best Warzone Marco 5 loadout

With the release of the Mercenaries of Fortune update for Call of Duty:

Warzone Season 4, players now have access to the new Marco 5 SMG, which has quickly risen to the top of the weapon meta.

It's common for new seasonal weapons to be great, and the Marco 5 is no exception.

It has good damage, fire rate, mobility, and accuracy, and it's also easy to move around with.

CONTENTSSummary of Marco 5The best way to load a Marco 5

This weapon is likely to lose some of its power in the next few weeks, so now is the time to use it. 

But how should you build it, and what Perks should you use with the new SMG?

Let's look at the new Marco 5 SMG, which comes with the Season 4 battle pass. The Marco 5 is a TTK beast, outperforming several top SMGs. 

If you land headshots, you'll win most gunfights within 12 metres.
This weapon has some oddities.

It offers a burst fire mode that doesn't require constant trigger pulls. This makes it easier to manage at mid- to long-range.

Dual-wielding this weapon is a lethal close-range combo. Hip-firing will limit your range to about 7 metres.

Muzzle: Recoil BoosterBarrel: Imerito 342mm 04POptic: Slate ReflectorStock: Perfetto EsattaUnderbarrel: Mark VI Skeletal

Magazine: 9mm 48 Round DrumAmmunition: SubsonicRear Grip: FabricPerk: MomentumPerk 2: Quick


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