The phone is terrible for cloud gaming

The idea behind cloud gaming is that you can play from anywhere using any device with internet access and a good enough browser

(Each cloud gaming service seems to have its own requirements on the browser front).

You should be able to play very demanding games whether you're on a business trip with only your work laptop or at home 

When the main TV is in use or you just don't feel like sitting on the couch. But the biggest promise of cloud gaming is that if you have a phone, you can play all your games anywhere.

In the real world, this is not a good idea. After using my Steam Deck to play games in the cloud almost every day for the past few weeks,

I will never again try to play games in the cloud on my phone. Valve's huge handheld PC that can do anything has shown me

That sometimes dedicated gaming hardware is better. The idea that cloud gaming on your phone is like a Swiss Army knife for

Mobile games is about as useful as the saw on a real Swiss Army knife. I know you worked hard on it, but I don't want to use it.

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