The ROG Phone 6 Pro proves that Asus remains the mobile gaming king

Without a doubt, the Asus ROG Phone is the gaming phone grandaddy. 

It was there before all the pretenders, and still manages to pulverize the competition with its combination of immense performance,

Well-considered gaming features, cool design, and of course, the Republic of Gamers (ROG) branding.

The gaming king is backThe ROG Phone 6 is the latest in that lineup, and while we’re still working on the full review, we’ve been playing games on it.

A lot of games, actually. After all, the gaming ability is the reason you’ll want the ROG Phone 6, so what has it been like?

What are the specs?Before we get into the games, let’s talk about the phone itself. There are two versions: the ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro.

For our testing, we’ve been using the Pro variant. There are only a few differences between them, most notably an increase to 18GB of RAM 

(Yes, really) and 512GB of storage space on the ROG Phone 6 Pro. You also get a colour OLED “ROG Vision” screen on 

The back of the phone, rather than a simple colour display on the normal ROG Phone 6.

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