Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Review

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is the best game released by Gearbox Software

Based on the successful Borderlands formula, this experience adds a whimsical element to the familiar looter-shooter thrills and delivers so much firepower to your fingertips

We learn right away that Borderlands mainstay Tiny Tina has invited a few of her friends to play Bunkers & Bad asses which is essentially Borderlands' version of Dungeons & Dragons

Tina is the game's Dungeon Master, and you're the party's newest recruit - a hero designed entirely by you, right down to the deep class proficiencies and facial feature detailing.

Tina and her friends immediately establish playful chemistry, each bringing humor-filled banter and the impression that they know each other well

Tina is brilliantly played once again by Ashly Burch, who works well with Captain Valentine's (Andy Samberg) careless adventuring qualities

Robot Frette's (Wanda Sykes) strict rules-driven guidance, and the Dragon Lord's (Will Arnett) dishonest and vile virtues.

 You never know how these powerful personalities will react to a situation, they frequently entertain and make questing an absolute blast

The story alternates between Tina and her companions sitting at the board game table to discuss the next chapter of the adventure,

Your character dreaming it up and traveling into that scenario, at which point the player gains control.

Tina wields the most power over the quest and can use her god-like abilities to change it at any time.


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