The Five Most Expensive Telescopes in the World

Telescopes are astronomy's most important invention. Telescopes have given us additional cosmic insights and changed certain prevalent ideas. 

They've shown us, for example, that the planet isn't the centre of the universe. They've also shown moon characteristics. Telescopes show lunar craters and mountains.

Modern telescopes like NASA's Hubble Space Telescope are significantly more powerful and have found billions of galaxies with stars like our sun. 

If you're curious about space, you might consider buying a telescope. If you're a newbie, get a cheap 4-inch (100mm) reflector. 

The telescope lets you see moon and evening planets up close. If you have the cash, get a strong telescope. This article lists the world's five most costly telescopes.

5. 30-meter telescope ($1.4 billion)

4. Atacama Large Millimeter Array – $1.4 Billion

3. European Extremely Large Telescope – $1.6 Billion

2. Hubble Space Telescope – $2.5 Billion

1. James Webb Telescope – $9.7 Billion

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