Warframe's Prime Resurgence Returns Permanently, With Changes

 New weapons, Warframes, and quality-of-life changes, Digital Extremes has continued to prioritise community feedback 

Warframe is approaching its 10-year anniversary as a live-service game, and it is still evolving in a variety of ways

Providing more options for newer players to earn Warframes, weapons, and accessories without spending real-world currency

We spoke with Megan Everett, Warframe community director and Digital Extremes employee for nine years

The return of the Prime Resurgence event and the feedback the team received from last year's version.

 Prime Resurgence allows players to collect Aya via Bounties Missions and then trade it in for specific Void Relics

That can be used to unlock Prime Parts for Warframes, weapons, and gear

These items' primed versions are far more powerful than their original counterparts.

Since 2015, Warframe has had the Prime Vault, which is an archive of Prime Warframes and weapons that can still be obtained with real-world money 

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