Microsoft prepares to forget about Windows 8.1 with end of support notifications

Microsoft is getting ready to send Windows 8.1 users reminders that support will end on January 10, 2023.

The software giant will start sending reminders to Windows 8.1 devices next month, which is the first step before support ends in January 2023.

Microsoft has used similar notifications in the past to let Windows 7 users know when support will end.

Microsoft was supposed to stop supporting Windows 8 in 2016, but with the Windows 8.1 update, support will end in January 2023.

Microsoft will not offer an Extended Security Update (ESU) programme for Windows 8.1. This means

That businesses won't be able to pay for extra security patches and will have to upgrade or run software without security updates.

Windows 8.1 was, for the most part, a big fix for how Windows 8 was received.

Windows 8 gave Microsoft a new vision for the future that was based on touch, but it got rid of the traditional desktop and 

Start button in such a big way that many PC users didn't like it. Users didn't like the mobile-first OS, so Microsoft brought back

The Start button in Windows 8.1 as an admission that it had made a mistake.

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