Wipe in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov's next chapter begins today after months of rumours.

Players can put down their tin foil hats and quit discussing about the wipe date to level up their PMC character.

Tarkov restores all in-game progress every 6 months, so if this is your first wipe, don't worry.

This wipe comes a 12.12.30 patch with Lighthouse expansion, FSR (AMD Fidelity FXTM Super Resolution

 New Rogue monsters, new basic attire for both fractions, new weaponry, flares with various utility, Fence Daily's, specific slots for Compasses, Range finders... and potentially offline co-op

Servers tend to get overwhelmed and wait times are long in the first few days after a wipe.

Last wipe we experienced a breakdown, resulting in the player queue system.

Battlestate Games' readiness for the upcoming player flood will be interesting.

Prepared tips, techniques, ideas, and lessons to help you make the most of the early wipe and Escape from Tarkov.


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