The World’s Largest Bacterium in Caribbean 

Most bacterial cells are minuscule, measuring roughly 2,000ths of a millimetre, said research lead author Jean-Marie Volland (Berkeley Lab)

Some bacteria can grow to be several hundred micrometres, but that's the theoretical limit.

Compared to most germs, it's like meeting a Mount Everest-tall person.

T. magnifica's DNA storage method has also shocked experts

This bacterium's DNA was located in compartments like those in plants and animals

Dr. Volland called these membrane-bound compartments pepins.

We thought DNA packaged in an organelle was unique to eukaryotic cells

It's a fascinating example of a sophisticated bacterium.

T. magnifica's genome contains several genes related to sulphur oxidation and carbon fixation, like other species in its genus

This bacteria lacks most genes linked with nitrate metabolism, suggesting a sedentary lifestyle that precludes out infecting humans

These genes make up a large percentage of its 12-million-base-pair genome


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