A YouTuber Just Created the First “PS5 Slim,” Kinda

The Playstation 5 is one of the biggest consoles, but Sony will probably make a slimmer version at some point.

 But a DIY YouTuber didn't want to wait for it for a few years, so he made his own "PS5 Slim."

Matt Perks, who goes by the YouTube name DIY Perks, started taking the PS5 apart and slowly figuring out how to remove, replace, or move all the most important parts.

 The result is a PS5 Slim that is less than an inch thick instead of the original's more than 4 inches.

He made some of the parts himself, like the beautiful copper exterior. He also made his own LED power button and took out two of 

the Playstation 5's biggest parts to make a gaming console that is just a little bit thicker than a DVD case.

From the picture and video above, you can see that Matt's Playstation 5 is very thin and looks amazing.

 It's sleek and thin, and it's small enough to fit almost anywhere.
But if you don't watch the whole thing, you won't notice that two of the most important parts aren't smaller.

Just now, they were put behind the desk. Most of the PS5's thickness comes from the huge cooling heatsink and power supply that are needed to run all the fun games.


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