Yuji Naka confirms Michael Jackson wrote music for Sonic 3

It's long been a gaming myth that Michael Jackson wrote music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3, sparking long-running rumours as to which parts of the soundtrack he was involved in.

Now, Sonic creator Yuji Naka has confirmed that Michael Jackson did indeed write music for the game.

"Does Sonic Origins Sonic 3 have a different song?" he tweeted out of the blue. "Oh my god, the music for Sonic 3 has changed, even though Sega Official uses Michael Jackson's music."

It has been confirmed that the new compilation of Sonic games, Sonic Origins, will not feature the original soundtrack.

The ongoing rumours regarding royalties with the Jackson estate were thought to be the cause of this.

Instead, the compilation makes use of fresh arrangements by Jun Senoue.

Takashi Iizuka, the company's creative officer, reaffirmed this to Eurogamer: "There is a lot of outdated data that is not really useful

when we go back and try to recreate all these games from more than 30 years ago. And music was one of those things.


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