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‘When the sun sets, it’s unbelievably pink’: best phone pics of Thomas Jordan | photography

TeaHomas Jordan faced a problem. In the summer of 2021, the US-based photographer was actively focusing more on his own health, both physical and mental, and finding relief in nature. He was looking for what he described as a “warm, quiet moment” for his work, but he found that the pressure of discovery was ruining the experience itself.

“I had to stop trying to get ‘serious photography work,’ and just let go,” he says. “How I live and work is very meditative. In the beginning, I thought I’d have to go somewhere like New York or California to take good pictures. But you just have to be where you are, and be aware. “

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This is not to say that where Jordan lives is catastrophically unchallenged. In fact, it’s only a five-minute walk from West Chicago’s Timber Ridge Forest Preserve. “The sky has this incredible pink, almost ombre quality when the sun sets. I am a fan of very vibrant colors, so I upped the saturation a bit, but what you see is very close to the actual color.”

He thinks that people will relate to the everyday setting, and be impressed by the peace and quiet.

“I’m sure some people look at it and think it’s too boring, but that’s okay. I know there’s value in these types of photos too. If I can be an advocate of simple, warm moments, that’s it.” it’s fine for me.”

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