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Woman snatches phone watch as soon as she closes the door of Delhi Metro passenger

Metro Video: Loosening pockets, swiping and snatching mobile phones are very common in India, so people should avoid talking on their phones while walking on the street and keeping their handbags in an unsafe position. These crimes are also common in metros and trains. Metro commuters must be careful with their belongings during train rides, especially while entering and exiting trains, as thieves can take advantage of a busy station or distract you and steal your phone.Also Read – Viral Video: Chor Girl Tries To Steal Plant From Road, Gets Immediate Karma Watch

A video is going viral on social media where a woman was caught on camera stealing a man’s phone at the Delhi Metro station. In the video, a man is seen boarding a metro train from a station, while a woman wearing a face mask is standing in front of him at the train gate. Still standing by the gate, the man is busy on his phone and ignores the woman standing in front as just another passenger. The woman waits for her chance, and as the doors start closing, she grabs the man’s phone and runs away. The man is inside the train and can’t do much to get his phone back. Also read- Viral Video: Man upset with woman asking for help, lost watch of thief

The video was shared on Instagram on the page ‘memecentral.teb’ with the text: “Khatm Tata bye bye gaya”. It has gone viral with over 170k views and 15k likes. Several Instagram users commented saying that the video was scripted, others were surprised that this could happen to metro commuters. “New fear open,” commented one user. Another user wrote, ‘No doubt about it. “Wow didi wow,” wrote a third user. Also read- Viral Video: The thief snatched the girl’s phone, the man chased her on the scooty, the end will surprise you

Watch the viral video of woman snatching phone from Delhi Metro passenger here:

Beware of phone thieves in Delhi Metro!

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